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I Wonder Why
A Series of  Big Book 9.5x11.75" Full of Colorful Images and Information. A Must for the Wondering Mind
(Note: Have Only 1 Copy of each)

I Wonder Why~ I Blink
Learn to Draw
A Series of Classic Drawing books with a 10x14" format & large illustrations for the serious artist published by Walter T. Foster
(Note: Have Only 1 Copy of each)

How to Draw our Little Furry Friends

How to Draw Cats and Kittens

I Wonder Why~ Kangaroos Have Pouches

I Wonder Why~ Pyramids Were Built

How Robert Woods Paints Landscapes and Seashores

How to Draw Dogs

How to Draw Cats

I Wonder Why~ Vultures Are Bald

I Wonder Why~ Camels Have Humps

Out Door Sketching In Door Painting

Color in Trees, Shrubs, Weeds

How to Begin Painting for Fun

I Wonder Why~ Castles Had Moats

I Wonder Why~The Dodo Is Dead

Red Barns and Other Scenes

So You Want Snow Scenes to Paint

Painting the Desert

I Wonder Why~The Sea Is Salty

I Wonder Why~ Snakes Shed Their Skin

Painting the American Landscape

Painting in Oils Coast to Coast

Painting Water and Weather

I Wonder Why~ Triceratops Had Horns

Magic of Oil Painting

Flowers and Designs to Copy

Of Course You Can Paint

Painting Water and Weather 2

46 Painting Lessons 2~ in Oil

Landscapes You Can Paint

Experimental Painting

How to Paint Beautiful Landscapes and Seascapes

Color Thick and Thin

How Vernon Kerr Paints Seascapes & Landscapes

Adventures in Acrylics and Oils

How To Do Tole Painting

How to Paint Beautiful Landscapes and Seascapes 2

More Adventures in Acrylics and Oils

Small Paintings That Sell

Scenes From Southeast U.S.A.

Painting the Four Seasons

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