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 Original PublicationsCopies     
Book #Title (The&And not in Title)DatePagesAvailable For SaleCoverPrint

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01Tower Treasure 1927214Yes


1959 Grosset & DunlapVery Good
Light stain on front page.
02House On The Cliff 1927212      
03House On The Cliff         
04Missing Chums 1928214      
05Hunting For Hidden Gold 1928214      
06Shore Road Mystery 1928212      
07Secret Of The Caves 1929210      
08Mystery Of Cabin Island 1929214      
09Great Airport Mystery 1930210      
10What Happened At Midnight 1931213      
11While The Clock Ticked1932213      
12Footprints Under The Window 1933218      
13Mark On The Door 1934219      
14Hidden Harbor Mystery 1935219      
15Sinister Sign Post 1936215      
16Figure In Hiding 1937212      
17Secret Warning 1938220      
18Twisted Claw 1939217      
19Disappearing Floor 1940218Yes


1964  Very Good
20Mystery Of The Flying Express 1941217Yes


1970  Very Good
21Clue Of The Broken Blade 1942218      
22Flickering Torch Mystery 1943212      
23Melted Coins 1944215      
24Short-Wave Mystery 1944215Yes
1966  Very Good
25Secret Panel 1946212      
26Phantom Freighter 1947216      
27Secret Of Skull Mountain 1948212      
28Sign Of The Crooked Arrow 1949214      
29Secret Of The Lost Tunnel 1950       
30Wailing Siren Mystery 1951214Yes


1968  Very Good
31Secret Of Wildcat Swamp 1952212      
32Crisscross Shadow 1953213Yes
1969  Very Good
33Yellow Feather Mystery1953216      
34Hooded Hawk Mystery 1953216      
35Clue In The Embers 1955214      
36Secret Of Pirate's Hill 1956213      
37Ghost At Skeleton Rock 1957184      
38Mystery At Devil's Paw1959183      
39Mystery Of The Chinese Junk 1960184      
40Mystery Of The Desert Giant1961182      
41Clue Of The Screeching Owl1961182      
42Viking Symbol Mystery 1963175      
43Mystery Of The Aztec Warrior 1964178      
44Haunted Fort 1965176      
45Mystery Of The Spiral Bridge1966177      
46Secret Agent On Flight 1011967176      
47Mystery Of The Whale Tattoo1968174      
48Arctic Patrol Mystery 1969176      
49Bombay Boomerang 1970180      
50Danger On Vampire Trail 1972178      
51Masked Monkey 1972178      
52Shattered Helmet1973180      
53Clue Of The Hissing Serpent 1974181      
54Mysterious Caravan 1975182      
55Witchmaster's Key 1976179      
56Jungle Pyramid 1977180      
57Firebird Rocket 1978180      
58Sting Of The Scorpion 1979180      
59Night Of The Werewolf 1079181      
60Mystery Of The Samurai Sword 1979179      
61Pentagon Spy 1980182      
62Apeman's Secret 1980184      
63Mummy Case 1980180      
64Mystery Of Smugglers Cove 1980180      
65Stone Idol 1981177      
66Vanishing Thieves 1981179      
Hardy Boys Detective Handbook 1959       


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