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There are a total of 13 books in the Ant and Bee series. Each written by Angela Banner and usually illustrated by her too, although sometimes the illustrations are done by someone else. They were first released in the UK during the 1960's and early 70's and published by a couple of different companies. The are small, hard cover picture books for children. They measure approximately 4" by 5" and are about 100 pages each. They teach kids all kinds of things such as counting, colors, and the alphabet. They have been reprinted many times and are available only on a sporadic and inconsistent basis.

There was also something called the Ant and Bee Big Buy Bag which was a folder full of all kinds of fun things for children to do.

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Ant and Bee and the ABC
(Ant and Bee meet in this ABC story)

ISBN 071820036


Ant and Bee
(the first alphabetical story)
More Ant and Bee
(the second alphabetical story)



More and More Ant and Bee
(the third alphabetical story)
Ant and Bee and Kind Dog
(another alphabetical story)
One, Two, Three With Ant and Bee
(a counting story)

ISBN 0718200330


Around the World With Ant and Bee
(a travel story)


Ant and Bee and the Rainbow
(a color story)

ISBN 0718200365


Happy Birthday With Ant and Bee
(a days-of-the-week story)
Ant and Bee Time
(a how-to-tell-the-time story)

ISBN 071820039X
Ant and Bee and the Secret
(an advertisement for school)

New York: Franklin Watts, Inc, 1970. 1st American Edition; 1st Printing. Hardcover. ISBN: 0531011658. Illustrated by Bryan Ward.
Ant and Bee and the Doctor
(the best way to spend an illness)
Ant and Bee Go Shopping
(a round and square story)

ISBN 0718200446
Ant and Bee Big Buy Bag
(a folder full of stories, fun, and games)
Mr. Fork and Curly Fork: A Time Story
(Not Ant and Bee)

Ant and Bee stories were a collection of small format hardback books produced in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and 1970s. Then reprinted by Trafalgar Square Books in the late 1980's and early 1990's. They were designed to teach pre-school children about the alphabet, shapes and colours. The author was Angela Banner.

The principal characters were Ant (the naughtier and more adventurous half of the duo) and Bee (more sensible and better behaved). On occasions they were joined by the Kind Dog and/or the zoo man. The primary lure of these books is that simple 3 and 4-letter words are texted in red so children can associate the print with the pictures. There were 13 books in the series:

The books are currently out of print.