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Jan 28, 2008 - Ant and Bee to be reissued in the UK!

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(1920- ) Martha Alexander has written and illustrated a host of books for children with a fanciful soft touch that reminds many of the precarious and magical world of childhood. She lives in Hawaii


Ant and Bee Series
(1923-) Angela Banner has written 13 books about the two main characters, Ant and Bee. They were first published in the UK during the 60's and early 70's, and have been reprinted a number of times. They are small, hard cover picture books for children. They measure approximately 4" by 5" and are about 100 pages each. They teach kids all kinds of things such as counting, colors, and the alphabet. They have been reprinted many times and are available only on a sporadic and inconsistent basis.

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About this Book w Actual Cover Picture
Published by Franklin Watts, Inc., New York, NY, U.S.A. Hard Cover Book in very Good condition.  Illustrated by Bryan Ward.  Apparent First Edition (no date) . 5" x 4". Green cloth cover (NOT the later glossy edition) with light edge wear and bumped corners.   A sequel to the first book "Ant and Bee" which contained simple 3 letter words.  This second book contains four-letter  words.
(Additional Note: Original England publication of Book 2 in the series. Illustrated by Bryan Ward. First published by Kaye & Ward Ltd. 110 pages.)

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Around the World with Ant and Bee


About this Book w Actual Cover Picture
 Published by Franklin Watts, 1960. Hardcover. No Dust Jacket.  1st Edition. The 4th book in the wonderful Ant and Bee series. This is the 1960 1st U.S. ed. Please see my other auctions for vintage children's books and another one of the Ant and Bee series.
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(1924- ) Well, I didn't know a thing about Roger Bradfield, until he found this site and sent me an email himself! Besides his wonderful children's books, he is also the creator of Dooley's World comic strip and a watercolor painter. Visit his great website for more info.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Betty Brock is the author of several books for young children. She has two grown daughters and lives in Alexandria, VA.

Wallace Tripp has illustrated many books for children, including Come Back, Amelia Bedelia and (one of my favorites) A Great Big Ugly Man . He lives in California.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (1928- ) Polly Cameron born in White Creek, CA, attended UC Santa Barbara, and was originally interested in children's radio drama. Never graduated, but instead returned to working on the family ranch she had grown up on, before traveling across Europe for three and a half years. Worked in graphic design until her first child's picture book was published in 1956. Now lives near the Hudson River.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Steve Carlin was the writer, producer and creator of Rootie Kazootie, Happy the Humbug and The 64 Thousand Dollar Question. Rootie Kazootie was a television show popular in the 1950's which won multiple awards and was cited by TV Guide as the outstanding children's show of the year. The TV show seems to hold a nostalgic place in people's hearts, as do these companion Little Golden Books. My customers tend to want to collect them all...

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Remy Charlip's background in theatre, dance and education combine for a winning knack in creating captivating children's books. He has won numerous awards for his work in all these fields, including the Horn Book Award, Bologna Book Fair Award, and The New York Times "10 Best Illustrated Books of the Year" for three consecutive years.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR William Rossa Cole (1919-2000) was best known as an editor and anthologist. He was editor or author (or co-editor or co-author) of about 75 books, 50 of them anthologies. Three of his books were honored by the ALA: I Went to the Animal Fair in 1958, Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls in 1964, and The Birds and Beast Were There in 1965. He was an editor for Simon & Schuster and Viking, and a columnist for the Saturday Review. He died in summer 2000, at the age of 80.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Patricia Coombs was born in Los Angeles, California, on July 23, 1926.  She received a B.A. in 1947, and M.A. in 1950, both from the University of Washington.  She is the author and illustrator of more than twenty children's books, including the "Dorrie" series, Lisa and the Grompet, and The Magic Pot.  She lives in Waterford, Connecticut.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Wende and Harry Devlin are both artists with a sense of humor. Working for several magazines in the 1940's, Harry became the leading editorial cartoonist at Collier's while Wende wrote a comic strip callled Fullhouse (also known as Raggmopp) with characters named for their own six children. On the serious side, Harry paints architecture and Wende portraits, but their winning combination in children's books and illustrations (and perhaps recipes?) is their best known artistic achievement, and most especially the Cranberryport series.


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This is a hardcover book published by Parents' Magazine Press, c. 1963(Sold), 1966 edition.  Itís in good condition with some soiling and wear to the cover and pages, including bumping to the corners, spots of soiling on the back cover, a name written on one endpage, a couple page creases, and light smudging, small edge tears and/or small pen marks on a few pages.



This is a paperback book published by Reader's Digest Services, Inc., c. 1972, Stated 1st Printing, October 1973.  Itís in very good condition with just light cover wear and browning to the pages and inside covers. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (1921- , The Netherlands) Jean Dulieu's Paulus character has been featured in many illustrated stories, puppet shows, radio plays, puppet movies, animated movies and in his popular comic strip Paulus de Boskabouter. Paulus and the Acornmen is a wonderful fantasy illustrated with 47 fullpage color plates and numerous black & white drawings. Paulus, a dwarf, is made even smaller by a witch, who then presents him to a blundering gang of acorns come alive. They make Paulus their king, and then become involved in plots, counterplots and wild adventures in the woods. Thomason and Lowe assisted in the translation of this Dutch classic.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dorothea Warren Fox was born on January 31, 1914 in Birmingham, Alabama. She attended Birmingham-Southern College, married Charles Fox in 1940 and had four children. She worked as a commercial artist and illustrator.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR I don't know anything about Georgiana, but I did find several titles by her, in addition to the sought-after Dr. Goat. Like Dr. Goat, they are all Whitman Tell-a-Tales, affordable little books in the fifties that Whitman hoped would rival Little Golden Books. I have so many requests for Dr. Goat, it's silly. Part of the reason it's so hard to find is because it was a cheap book to begin with which children were allowed to destroy, and which parents threw out remorselessly. But it's out there, if you're patient.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (1908-1988) In searching for information on Nan Gilbert (aka Mildred Gilbertson), I discovered that she wrote a number of young adult romances like The Unchosen, about teen dating. She might be amused if she she knewthat her lasting legacy was for a simpler book designed for toddlers and bedtime reading.
Many copies of the first two books shown are for sale. See This Page Now

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (1920- ) Morrell Gipson grew up in South Carolina and now resides in New York City. She is the author of a dozen books for young children and the editor of hundreds of others, including works by esteemed Margaret Wise Brown, Leonard Weisgard, Ingri & Edgar d'Aulaire and Marguerite de Angeli.
Now Back in Publication(2000) Check it Out

Now Back in Publication(2005)
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Edward Ormondroyd served in WWII and attended the University of California at Berkeley. He has written several children's books and has raised seven children in upstate New York.

There's a cult following for David and the Phoenix.... discover it for yourself if you don't know it already. Purple House Press brought it back to print in 2000, sold out the hardcover printing, and then issued it in paperback five years later.

Back by Popular Demand~2000

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jean Soule's daughter writes: Never Tease a Weasel is due to be re-published by Random House in March 2007, with new illustrations by George Booth. He has illustrated several books, and does cover art for the New Yorker.
Long out of print, this new edition features art by "New Yorker" magazine cartoonist George Booth, and continues to offer in funny, finger-wagging rhyme some very good advice: that teasing isn't very nice. Illustrations.

Back by Popular Demand~2007

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (1915-2001) Dare Wright grew up in Cleveland. She later moved to New York City to pursue life as a photographer, actor and model, and took her Lenci doll that her mother bought at Halle's Department Store with her. The publication of The Lonely Doll featuring her black and white still-life photographs of her doll was a smash success and made the New York Times Best Sellers List. She wrote 18 other children's books using photography as illustration, and many featuring the popular Edith.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (1913- 1974) Miriam Young is the author of many children's books and stories. She also wrote about her mother's youth in San Francisco in the 1880's in No Place for Mitty and her parents' theatrical careers in Mother Wore Tights. She wrote a series of picture books with Robert Quackenbush as illustrator as well as some novels for juvenile readers.

Copy Available in Near Fine condition with slight corner wear on the cover and all pages are in Fine condition $24.95 and only $2.00 Media Shipping

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These are the most wanted titles here at rScraps Books etc.  Some I have many, many requests for and am always on the lookout for, others I have a few requests.

Quotes are most welcome.  I am generally seeking hardback editions with dust jackets in Very Good or better condition, and sometimes am interested in other titles by authors listed here.  Please send me bibliographic info (author, title, illustrator, publisher, copyright date and edition), accurate condition assement (see the Condition index for book dealer condition grades), and price, of course.  You may just email me.  Thanks.

Please note: I am not an appraiser of books, particularly not of books I haven't seen or which I might be interested in purchasing.  If you have a book for sale, please quote a price.

Aiken, Joan
Aiken, Joan
Aiken, Joan
Aiken, Joan
Aldredge, Edna and Jessie McKee
Altshelers, Joseph
Anderson, C.W.
Anderson, Margaret and Jane Heap
Andrews, Jan
Appleton, Victor
Ardizzone, Edward
Ardizzone, Edward
Asch, Frank
Austin, Margot

Bacon, Peggy
Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin
Baker, Jeannie
Banner, Angela
Bannerman, Helen
Bannerman, Helen
Bannon, Laura
Barklem, Jill
Beatty, Patricia
Becker, Bonnie
Bell, Mary Haley
Bennett, Anna Elizabeth
Berenburg, Ben Ross
Bialk, Eliza
Biemiller, Carl
Bing, Catherine
Bishop, Claire H.
Blaine, John
Blyton, Enid
Blyton, Enid
Blyton, Enid
Blyton, Enid
Boswell, Hilda
Boswell, Hilda
Boucher, Sharon
Boylston, Helen Dore
Bradfield, Roger
Bradfield, Roger
Bradfield, Roger
Bradfield, Roger
Bradfield, Roger
Bradfield, Roger
Brennan, Gerald
Brenner, Barbara
Bridwell, Norman
Bright, Robert
Brinley, Bertrand
Brinley, Bertrand
Brock, Betty
Brock, Betty
Brooks, Walter
Brown, Margaret Wise
Brown, Margaret Wise
Brown, Margaret Wise
Brown, Margaret Wise
Brown, Margaret Wise
Brown, Margaret Wise
Brown, Michael
Brown, Palmer
Brown, Paul
Brozowska, Elizabeth
Bryant, Sara Cone
Burgess, Gellett
Burgess, Thornton W.
Burn, Doris
Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Burton, Virginia Lee
Burton, Virginia Lee
Burton, Virginia Lee

Calhoun, Frances Boyd
Cameron, Eleanor
Cameron, Eleanor
Cameron, Eleanor
Cameron, Eleanor
Cameron, Polly
Carle, Eric
Carlin, Steve
Carroll, Lewis
Carroll, Lewis
Cavanna, Betty
Chase, Mary
Chastain, Madge Lee
Chastain, Madge Lee
Chbosky, Stacy
Cleary, Beverly
Clymer, Eleanor
Clymer, Eleanor
Cobb, Bertha
Cockerell, Marion
Cockerell, Marion
Coffin, Patricia
Cole, William
Coombs, Patricia
Coombs, Patricia
Credle, Ellis
Crist, Eda and Richard
Crocker, Betty

D'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar Parrin
D'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar Parrin
D'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar Parrin
Davis, Lavinia Riker
Day, Price
de Saint-Exupery, Antoine
DeAngeli, Marguerite
DeBrunhoff, Laurent
DeJong, Meindert
DeJong, Meindert
DeLage, Ida
Denison, Muriel
DePaola, Tomie
Devine, Louise Lawrence
Devlin, Wende and Harry
deVogue, Bertrand
Douglas, Lloyd
du Jardin, Rosamond
DuBois, William Pene
DuBois, William Pene
Dulieu, Jean
Dulieu, Jean
Dulieu, Jean

Eager, Edward
Earhart, Amelia
Eastman, P.D.
Eastman, P.D.
Eaton, Seymour
Edmondson, Madeleine
Emerson, Alice B.
Emerson, Caroline Dwight
Ende, Michael
Engebretson, Betty
Enright, Elizabeth
Enright, Elizabeth
Enright, Elizabeth
Enright, Elizabeth
Epstein, Louise
Estes, Eleanor

Farjeon, Eleanor
Farjeon, Eleanor
Farley, Walter
Fenner, Carol
Fenton, Edward
Field, Eugene
Finley, Martha
Fitzhugh, Louise
Fitzhugh, Louise
Flack, Marjorie
Forester, C.S.
Foster, Genevieve
Fox, Dorothea Warren
Frees, Harry Whittier
Frees, Harry Whittier
Friermood, Elisabeth
Friermood, Elisabeth
Friermood, Elisabeth
Fryer, Jane
Fujikawa, Gyo
Fujikawa, Gyo
Fujikawa, Gyo
Fujikawa, Gyo
Fujikawa, Gyo
Furman, A.L. (editor)

Gage, Wilson
Galdone, Paul
Gallico, Paul
Gannett, Ruth Stiles
Gannett, Ruth Stiles
Garis, Howard R.
Garner, Elvira
Gates, Doris
Gates, Josephine
Gergely, Tibor
Getz, Arthur
Gilbert, Nan
Gilbert, Paul T.
Gipson, Morrell
Godden, Rumer
Godden, Rumer
Godden, Rumer
Godden, Rumer
Godden, Rumer
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gorey, Edward
Govan, Christine
Graves, Robert
Greene, Phyllis
Grider, Dorothy
Griffiths, G.D.
Gruelle, Johnny

Halsman, Phillippe
Hamilton, Marguerite
Hann, Jacquie
Harlin Quist (publisher)
Harlin Quist (publisher)
Harris, Joel Chandler
Haywood, Carolyn
Hazen, Barbara Shook
Heath, Janet Field
Henry, Marguerite
Henry, Marguerite
Heyward, duBose
Hillyer, V.M.
Hillyer, V.M.
Hillyer, V.M.
Hitte, Kathryn
Hitte, Kathryn
Hoban, Russell
Hoban, Russell
Hoban, Russell
Hoban, Russell
Hoban, Russell
Hoffmann, Heinrich
Hogan, Inez 
Holland, Marion
Holland, Marion
Holling, Holling C.
Houston, Joan
Howard, Joan
Hubbard, Elbert 
Hughes, Shirley

Iglauer, Edith
Ipcar, Dahlov
Irwin, Inez Haines
Jackson, Helen Hunt
Jackson, Kathryn
Jackson, Kathryn
Johnston, Johanna
Johnston, Tony
Jones, Elizabeth Orton
Jones, Elizabeth Orton
Jones, Elizabeth Orton
Judson, Clara Ingram
Judson, Clara Ingram

Kahl, Virginia
Kassirer, Norma
Kaye, M.M.
Kellogg, Steven
Kellogg, Steven
Kennedy, Richard
Kent, Jack
Kent, Jack
Kent, Jack
Kent, Jack
Kjelgaard, Jim
Klein, Norma
Knight, Hilary
Knight, Hilary
Knight, Hilary
Krasilovsky, Phyllis
Kraus, Robert
Kraus, Robert
Kraus, Robert
Kunhardt, Dorothy
Kunhardt, Dorothy
Kunhardt, Dorothy
Kunhardt, Dorothy
Kuskin, Karla

Lambert, Janet
Lampman, Evelyn Sibley
Lampman, Evelyn Sibley
Lampman, Evelyn Sibley
Lang, Andrew
Langton, Jane
Laughlin, Florence
Lawson, Robert
Lazarus, Keo Felker
Leaf, Munroe
Leaf, Munroe
Leaf, Munroe
LeGuin, Ursula K.
Lenski, Lois
Lenski, Lois
LeSieg, Theo
Lessor, Richard
LGB Bannerman, Helen
LGB Brown, Margaret Wise
LGB Carlin, Steve
LGB Disney
LGB Jackson, Kathryn
LGB Kane, Sharon
LGB Malvern, Corinne
LGB Scarry, Patricia
LGB Werner, Jane
LGB Wilkin, Eloise
LGB Wilkin, Eloise
LGB Wilkin, Eloise
LGB Wilkin, Eloise
LGB Wilkin, Eloise
LGB Wilkin, Eloise
LGB Wilkin, Eloise
LGB Wilkin, Eloise
LGB Young, Miriam
L'Hommedieu, Dorothy K.
L'Hommedieu, Dorothy K.
Lightfoot, Gordon
Lindgren, Astrid
Lindgren, Astrid
Lindgren, Astrid
Lindgren, Astrid
Lindmann, Maj
Lindmann, Maj
Lippincott, Joseph
Lobel, Anita
Lobel, Anita
Lobel, Anita
Lobel, Anita
Lofting, Hugh
Lovelace, Maud Hart
Lunn, Janet
Lyons, Dorothy
Lyons, Dorothy
Lystad, Mary

Machetanz, Fred
Mains, David and Karen
Mallot, Hector
Mallot, Hector
Malvern, Corinne
Manning, Rosemary
Margot, Jan
Marks, Mickey Klar
Marshall, Dean
Marshall, Dean
Marshall, Dean
Martin, Bill and Bernard
Masefield, John
Mason, Miriam
Massie, Diane Redfield
Matsuno, Masako
Maxwell, Arthur
Mayer, Mercer
Mayer, Mercer
Mayer, Mercer
Mayer, Mercer
Mayer, Mercer
Mayer, Mercer
Mayne, William
Mayne, William
McCloskey, Robert
McDonald, Betty
McDonald, George
McElroy, Margaret J.
McGraw, Eloise Jarvis
McIlvaine, Jane
McNeely, Marion Hurd
McNulty, Faith
Meader, Steven W.
Merrill, Jean
Merryman, Mildred Plew
Meyer, Franklyn
Miller, Alice P.
Miller, Arthur
Miller, Edna
Milton, Nancy
Mindlin, Helen Mather-Smith
Montgomery, Frances Trego
Montgomery, Frances Trego
Moody, Ralph
Moody, Ralph
Moore, Clement C.
Mosely, Elizabeth C.
Moss, Jeff
Murphy, Nellie Littlehale

Nash, Mary
Needham, Violet
Newbery, Clare Turlay
Nielsen, Kay
Oakley, Graham
Obermeyer, Marion Barrett
O'Connor, Betty
O'Neil, Rose
Orgel, Doris

Parents' Magazine Press
Park, Francis E.
Parrish, Anne
Pascal, Francine
Paxton, Ora
Peat, Fern Bisel
Peck, Robert Newton
Peet, Bill
Perez-Guerra, Anne
Perkins, Lucy Fitch
Phillips, Marjorie
Pinkwater, Daniel
Pinkwater, Daniel
Pinkwater, Daniel
Piper, Watty
Piper, Watty
Piper, Watty
Piper, Watty
Piper, Watty
Piper, Watty
Ponsat, Marie
Prentiss, Elizabeth
Press, Hans Jergen
Probst, Pierre
Probst, Pierre
Provensen, Alice and Martin
Provensen, Alice and Martin
Pyle, Katherine

Rahmar, Sigrid
Rains, Marie Curtis
Raskin, Ellen
Reese, John H.
Rempel, Ruth W.
Ritter, Elizabeth
Robbins, Patricia
Roberts, Les
Robinson, Matt
Rockwell, Anne

Sackville-West, Vita
Sadhu, Mouni
Sanders, Martha
Sattley, Helen R.
Saunders, Marshall
Scarry, Patricia
Scarry, Richard
Scarry, Richard
Scheffrin-Falk, Gladys
Schulkers, Robert F.
Scoppettone, Sandra
Scott Foresman (publisher)
Scott, Evelyn
Selden, George
Sendak, Maurice
Seredy, Kate
Seredy, Kate
Seuss, Dr.
Seymour, Dorothy
Shasha, Mark
Sherman, Nancy
Sleator, William
Sleigh, Barbara
Sleigh, Barbara
Slepian, Jan
Slobodkin, Louis
Smith, Eunice Young
Smith, Eunice Young
Smith, Janet Patton
Smith, Jessie Willcox
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Soule, Jean Conder
Spykman, E. C.
St. John, Wylly Folk
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Storey, Margaret
Storr, Catherine
Stratton-Porter, Gene
Stratton-Porter, Gene
Streatfeild, Noel
Szekeres, Cyndy

Taylor, Mark
Taylor, Sydney
Tazewell, Charles
Tenggren, Gustaf
Thane, Elswyth
Thayer, Jane
Thompson, Kay
Thorndyke, Helen Louise
Toonder, Marten
Tripp, Wallace
Tudor, Tasha
Tudor, Tasha
Turner, Gerry
Tuttle, Lisa

Untermeyer, Louis (editor)
Upham, Elizabeth
Upton, Bertha
Utley, Alison
Van Derveer, Helen R.
Vardon, Beth
Volland Publishing

Wade, Blanche Elizabeth
Wallace, May Nickerson
Warner, Gertrude Chandler
Watson, Sally
Watson, Sally
Watson, Sally
Weber, Lenora Mattingly
Well, Rosemary
Wells, Helen
Werner, Jane
Werner, Jane
Werner, Jane
Wheeler, Don
White, E.B. 
White, Robb
Whitney, Phyllis A.
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Williams, Jay
Williams, Jay
Williams, Ursula Moray
Willson, Dixie
Wing, Helen
Wing, Helen
Withers, Carl
Wodehouse, P.G.
Woolley, Catherine
Woolley, Catherine
Worm, Piet
Worth, Kathryn
Wright, Anna Maria Rose
Wright, Betty Ren
Wright, Betty Ren
Wright, Betty Ren
Wright, Dare
Wyatt, George

Yolen, Jane
Young Miriam
Young Miriam
Young Miriam
Zion, Gene
Zolotow, Charlotte
Zolotow, Charlotte
Zolotow, Charlotte
Nightbirds on Nantucket
Cold Shoulder Road
Arabel's Raven
Arabel and Mortimer
The Timbertoes
Long Rifles
Blaze series books
The Little Review
Very First Last Time
Tom Swift series
The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll
Little Tim series
Churchmouse Stories

Ghost of Opalina

Li'l Hannibal
Ant and Bee books
Little Black Sambo (early or oddball)
Story of Little Kettlehead
The Wonderful Fashion Doll
Brambly Hedge books
O The Red Rose Tree
The Quiet Way Home
Whistle Down the Wind
Little Witch
The Churkendoose
Taffy's Foal
Magic Ball from Mars
Humm, the Singing Hamster
Five Chinese Brothers (early)
Rick Brant series
Faraway Tree series
Famous Five series
Noddy books
Secret Seven Adventures
Treasury of Fairy Tales
Treasury of Nursery Rhymes
Teddy Bear of Bumpkin Hollow
Sue Barton nurse series
Pickle Chiffon Pie
Flying Hockey Stick
Hello, Rock
Giants Come in Different Sizes
Benjamin Dilley's Thirsty Camel
There's an Elephant in My Bathtub
The Good Bad Boy
The Penguin Who Hated the Cold
The Witch's Catalog
Georgie the Ghost books
Mad Scientists' Club
The Big Kerplop
No Flying in the House
The Shades
Freddy the Pig series
Mr. Dog
Willie's Adventures
The Inside Noisy Book
The Friendly Book
The Noisy Book
Santa Mouse
Between the Pawpaw Trees
The Boy Who Wouldn't Eat His Breakfast
The Goops
early copies w/ dj
Andrew Henry's Meadow
Racketty Packetty House
The Little House (early)
Katy and the Big Snow (early)
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (early)
Miss Minerva

Mushroom Planet series
Time and Mr. Bass
Mr. Bass's Planetoid
A Mystery for Mr. Bass
I Can't, Said the Ant
early copies w/ dj
Rootie Kazootie books
Alice (unusual illustrations)
Alice (Mervyn Peake illustrations)
Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden
Emmy Keeps a Promise
Susan and the Rain
Who Owns the Sun?
first editions w/ dj
Tiny Little House
Trolley Car Family
Shadow Castle
Practical Princess
Gruesome Green Witch
Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls
Dorrie the Witch series
The Mouse Cafť
Andy and the Circus
Secret of Turkeyfoot Mountain
Betty Crocker's Cookbook
butterfly books

Norse Gods and Giants
The Magic Rug
Book of Trolls
Round Robin
Well, About the Penguin
The Little Prince (first editions)
Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes
Babar, To Duet or Not To Duet
The Last Little Cat
Tower By the Sea
The Weeny Witch
Susannah at Boarding School
early copies w/ dj
A Penny for Candy
Old Black Witch
Peaky Beaky
Magnificent Obsession
Marcy series
Lazy Tommy Pumpkinhead
Giant Otto books
Paulus and the Acornmen
Paulus and the Dragon
Beetlekin the Brave
early editions

20 Hours and 40 Minutes
The Cat in the Hat Beginning Dictionary
early editions w/ dj
Roosevelt Bear books
The Witch's Egg
Ruth Fielding series
Mr. Nip and Mr. Tuck in the Air
The Neverending Story
What Happened to George
Four Story Mistake
The Saturdays
Spiderweb for Two
Sally Goes Shopping Alone
Pinky Pye
Jenny's Summer Surprise
any illustrated by
The Silver Curlew

The Glass Slipper
early editions w/ dj
Tigers in the Cellar
The Nine Questions
Wynken, Blynken and Nod (early editions)
Elsie Dinsmore series
Harriet the Spy (early)
Bang Bang You're Dead
Angus books (early)
Pooh-Pooh and the Dragons
Abraham Lincoln's World, others
Miss Twiggley's Tree
Four Little Kittens
Four Little Puppies
Pepper's Paradise
That Jones Girl
One of Fred's Girls
Mary Frances books
Mother Goose
Oh What a Busy Day
Child's Garden of Verses
Night Before Christmas
Millie's Secret
Teenage Frontier stories
Secret of Crossbone Hill

fables illustrated by
Elmer and the Dragon
My Father's Dragon
Uncle Wiggily (early)
Way Down in Tennessee
Sensible Kate
Book of Live Dolls
Dr. Goat
Great Big Book of Bedtime Stories
Hamilton Duck
365 Bedtime Stories
Bertram and His Funny Animals
The Surprise Doll
Miss Happiness and Miss Flower
Little Plum
The Story of Holly and Ivy
An Episode of Sparrows
The Doll's House
Flower Children
Wildflower Children
Butterfly Babies
early editions w/ dj
The Pink Maple House
first editions w/ dj
Bagdad Ate It
Little Ballerina
early editions

Red Shoes for Nancy
Up Day Down Day
The Caterpillar Who Thought He Was a Moustache
Uncle Remus (early)
Betsy series, Eddie series
Ookpik the Arctic Owl
Little Lost Angel
Geraldine Belinda
Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox
The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
Child's History of the World
Child's History of Art
Child's Geography of the World
Mexicali Soup
Noodlehead Goes to the Fair
Frances (early)
The Brute Family
How Tom Beat Captain Najork & His Hired Sportsman
The Mouse and His Child
The Marzipan Pig
No Children, No Pets
A Big Ball of String
early editions w/ dj
Jump Shy
The Thirteenth is Magic
any hardcover Roycroft publications
David and Dog
Denison's Ice Road

The Cat at Night
Maida series books
Letters from a Cat
Santa Claus Book
Nurse Nancy
Mole and Troll Trim the Tree
Big Susan
Green Ginger Jar
Mary Jane series
The Duchess Bakes a Cake

Magic Elizabeth
The Ordinary Princess
Pinkerton books
early editions w/ dj
Come Again in the Spring
Just Only John
Fat Cat
Mrs. Mooley
dog books
It's Okay if You Don't Love Me
Hilary Knight's ABC
Aunt Tuddy
Mother Goose
The Man Who Didn't Wash His Dishes
Bunny's Nutshell Library
The Little Fish That Got Away
Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher
Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather
Junket is Nice
The Tiny Golden Library
Little Peewee
Roar and More
Jordan or Kane family series

City Under the Back Steps
The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek
Rusty's Spaceship
fairy books, early
Swing in the Summerhouse
Little Leftover Witch
early editions w/ dj
The Shark in Charlie's Window
Wee Gillis
Ferdinand, early
Manners Can Be Fun
The Dispossessed
early editions w/ dj
Mr. Small books
Hooper Humperdinck, Not Him!
Fuzzies a Folk Fable
Uncle Mistletoe
Gaston and Josephine
Little Black Sambo 
The Color Kittens
Rootie Kazootie 
The Cold-Blooded Penguin
Nurse Nancy
Little Mommy
Five Pennies to Spend
Pierre Bear
Grandpa Bunny
Baby Dear
Georgie Finds a Grandpa
Good Little Bad Little Girl
The New Baby
So Big
Eloise Wilkin Treasury
The Twins
Where Did Baby Go?
Five Pennies to Spend
Rusty the Little Red Dachsund
Tinker the Little Fox Terrier
The Pony Man
Brothers Lionheart
Noisy Children series
Wild Baby series
Karlson on the Roof
Flicka, Ricka, Dicka (early)
Snipp, Snapp, Snurr (early)
The Wolf King
The Great Escape
Potatoes, Potatoes
Under a Mushroom
Mr. Muster
Prince Bertram the Bad
Dr. Doolittle (early)
Hiawatha (oddball illustrations)
Betsy-Tacy series (hb w/ dj)
Double Spell
Dark Sunshine
Silver Birch
Millicent the Monster
Theodore Turtle

Sled Dogs of Alaska
Tales of the Kingdom
Nobody's Boy
Adventures of Remi
Five Pennies to Spend
Green Smoke
Make Believe Parade
The Long White Month
Dig for Treasure
The Invisible Island
Little Squeegy Bug
Box of Delights
Stevie and His Seven Orphans
A Pair of Red Clogs
Uncle Arthur's Stories
One Monster After Another
East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp
Four Frogs in a Box
Prof Wormbog In Search for the Zipper-Ump-A-Zoo
Swarm in May
Thirteen o'Clock
early editions w/ dj
Nancy and Plum
Princess and Curdie
Toby Chipmunk
Sawdust in His Shoes
Cammie's Choice
The Jumping-Off Place
Arty the Smarty
Elephant Who Liked to Smash Small Cars
Quack Said Jerusha
Me and Caleb
Little Store on the Corner
Jane's Blanket
Mousekin's Golden House
The Giraffe That Walked to Paris
Dangerous Island
Wonderful Electric Elephant
Billy Whiskers series
Little Britches
Come On Seabiscuit
Night Before Christmas (oddball illustrations)
Pansy Blinkeyes and Sundial
Bob and Jack: A Boy and His Yak
any illustrated by
While Mrs. Coverlet Was Away

Richard and the Golden Horseshoe
any early editions
any illustrated by
Church mice series
The Six Robbers
Better Homes and Gardens Storybook
Sarah's Room

Grey Sprite, the Silver Knight
The Floating Island
Hangin' Out with Cici
Jennifer's Rabbit
any illustrated by
Hamilton Pig
Poppy, the Adventures of a Fairy
twins series
Annabel and Bryony
Bear Who Painted a Picture
Big Orange Splat
Blue Moose
Brimful Book
Bumper Book
Gateway to Storyland
Little Engine That Could (early copies)
Mother Goose
Stories That Never Grow Old
Blue Bug
Fairy tale book (original)
the Susie books
The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang
any Caroline book
Golden Book of Caroline and Her Friends
Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill
The Counterpane Fairy
A Day in Fairyland

Lazy Lisa Lizard
various titles
Big Mutt
Deegie and the Fairy Princess
Parasols is for Ladies
first editions w/ dj
Six-Button Dragon
various titles
first editions w/ dj

In Days of Great Peace
Alexander and the Magic Mouse
The Day the Empire State Went Visiting
Beautiful Joe
Sweet Smells of Christmas
Jeremy Mouse Book
Pierre Bear
Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
The Red Runners, other titles
Suzuki Bean
Dick and Jane primers
Fourteen Bears: Summer and Winter
Sparrow Socks
first editions w/ dj
first editions w/ dj
A Tree for Peter
early editions
Ann Likes Red (old copies)
Night of the Moonjellies
Gwendolyn the Miracle Hen
Green Futures of Tycho
Carbonel series
Hungry Thing
early editions
The Jennifer Gift
Jennifer series
Ghost in the Swing
early copies 
The Velvet Room
The Changeling
Never Tease a Weasel
A Lemon and a Star
The Ghost Next Door
The Woman's Bible
A Child's Garden of Verses (nice illustrations)
Timothy and the Two Witches
Marianne Dreams
Tales You Won't Believe
Moths of the Limberlost
shoes series
books illustrated by
Henry the Castaway

All-of-a-Kind Family, early editions
The Littlest Angel
early books illustrated by
Williamsburg series
Blueberry Elf Pie
Eloise first editions
Honeybunch series
Tom Poes/Puss books
Great Big Ugly Man Came Up & Tied His Horse to Me
first editions w/ dj
Calico series
Silver Dollar Hoard of Aristotle Gaskin
Golden Treasury of Poetry

Little Brown Bear series
early Golliwog books
Grey Mouse series
Little Sallie Mandy and Tommy Whiskers
The Shiniest Star
Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher
early copies in VG or better condition
Ant Ventures

Ghost of Dibble Hollow
Boxcar Children series, early editions
Witch of the Glen
Beany Malone original series
Unfortunately Harriet
Cherry Ames series
elves and fairies, original edition
Grandpa Bunny
Tall Book of Make-Believe
Birdshake's catalog on Persian rugs
first editions w/ dj
The Lion's Paw
Secret of the Emerald Star
early editions illustrated by Helen Sewell
Danny Dunn series
The King with Six Friends
Kitten Twins
Puppy Twins
Rocket in My Pocket
first editions w/ dj
Friendship Valley
Tweedles Be Brave
Ginnie and Geneva series
A Room for Cathy
Three Little Horses
Middle Button
Whirligig House
Grandpa's House
Yellow Cat
first editions w/ dj
Brains Benson series
first editions w/ dj

Georgie Finds a Grandpa
Jellybeans for Breakfast
Miss Suzy
Sugar Mouse Cake
Tiger in a Teapot
Over and Over
The Sky Was Blue

Joan Walsh AnglundA Friend is Someone Who Likes You
Margot AustinPeter Churchmouse
Carolyn BaileyThe Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings
Enid BlytonFamous Five and Secret Seven
Sara Cone Bryant Epaminondas
Eleanor CameronMushroom Planet
Mary ChaseThe Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden
William ColeBeastly Boys and Ghastly Girls
Patricia CoombsDorrie the Witch
Jean DulieuPaulus and the Acornmen
Julie EdwardsLast of the Really Great Whangdoodles
Eleanor EstesThe Witch Family
Dorothea Warren FoxMiss Twiggley's Tree
Gyo FujikawaMother Goose
Golden BooksBig Golden Book of Poetry
Marguerite HenryGeraldine Belinda
Jack KentJust Only John
Leonard KesslerMr. Pine's Purple House
Dorothy KunhardtLucky Mrs. Ticklefeather
Betty MacDonald Mrs. PiggleWiggle
Edna Miller Mousekin's Golden House
Helen PalmerWhy I Built the Boogle House
Watty PiperThe Bumper Book, Gateway to Storyland
Pierre ProbstCaroline and her Friends
Evelyn ScottFourteen Bears
Dorothy SeymourAnn Likes Red
Sydney TaylorAll-of-a-Kind Family
Kay ThompsonEloise
Leonora Mattingly WeberBeany Malone
Jane WernerElves and Fairies
Eloise WilkinGeorgie Finds a Grandpa
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