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Photo Gallery of Our Chihuahuas
Our Gang ~ Kyra

Our Gang

Bubba Sleeping

Dogs at Play


Yes, Puppies, Kyra need alot of sleep

Brother and Sister, Kyra
See more pix of Kyra since her new mom has sent other pix as she was growing up. Our Male was adopted by a Couple on 01/09/08. He cuddled up to his mom when she picked him up.
Couldn't Pass this shot up of one of our Family. Our Smallest female, Kisses.

Like most Chihuahuas they don't know they are a little dog, but are so loving with the family members.




Our Cute Female SOLD to a Loving Family

Kyra after her second visit and shots at the vet. She is in great shape and is 4.3#

Kyra 07/09~Here's her moms email-
Just wanted you to know that Kyra is doing very well.  She is 9.5 pounds and very healthy and active.  She is my constant companion at work and at play.  My family knows if they want me to go on vacation they must find a place Kyra Ann is welcome  Here is a recent picture.  Hope this note finds everyone doing well.  Kellie

Kyra in her new home and Cute Bed


5 Weeks Old


4.5 Pounds

3 Pounds



Our Cute Female

Our Cute Male



Skittles & Snickers

Cookie With The Twins

Baby Bubba

The Twins, Kisses & Tugs, at Birth

Peanut with Her Babies

We have Fish Too