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Quick Garden Tip for
Central Valley Area, CA

 Feb 2009
This month, the ground is just starting to warm up. So many plants may show some signs of life. May be too early to give them a shot of fertilizer since we may have a few more frosty days. So take a look in you garden and see which ones are starting. Or great time to pull a few unwanted weeds.
Make sure all your plants are well rooted and mulched for the upcoming Summer Months.

  "luv to dig in the dirt"

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As I develop more on Gardening in the Northern California Area will drop you a line.
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I'm a Soil Scientist, who has been all over California in the last 30 years. Even though I'm retired, I will have a lot to share about soils and plants. Especially how to grow Great plants in your ground. Check out the great diagram below on soil layers. The more you know about it, the more you can get your plants to grow in it. If you know the textures of each horizon, and you know your climate, then you can have a great idea of how your plants will do, or what you need to do.

  • Since I live in Shasta County, I will be going into more detail about the soils in Shasta County.
    What's Your Climatic Zone in California or Nevada???
    Check it Out.

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 Besides great plants for this area, PLUS POND PLANTS, 

we will be offering Heirloom Vegetable Plants for your Spring and Summer Garden Starting 2010.






So, what kind of soil do you have??

Also Meet SKWorm and some of the things he will be helping me with

What's the Weather in Your Area?
Learn More

How much water should I add to my soil for my Plants?


Have a Shady to Partial Sunny Location? Why not plant a Calla..
Arum Lily, Calla Lily
Zantedeschia aethiopica

No garden should not be without a Butterfly Bush. Flowers Spring thru Summer

Add a Splash of Red in Full Sun with this
Crimson Bottle Brush.

Although the Flower is short lived, there are many varieties of cactus

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