Valley Oak

  "luv to dig in the dirt"

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Coming Soon~Soils in Shasta County

Here is a General Soils Map of the Redding Area (Published 1974-Now online as large PDF file) from the National Cooperative Soil Survey.
This should give you a basic idea about the soils from the Valley floor to the lower uplands, but not be used for detailed soils on your property. If you want to know more about the soils in your neighborhood,
drop me a line and I can give you a report. Please note, many ideas about soils have changed since 1974 and to find out exactly what soil you have I can take a sample in your backyard.





  • Quercus lobata - Latin / botanical name for Valley Oak. Common name - mush oak
  • (Quercus-Latin for oak); quer (Celtic)- meaning fine, cuez (Celtic) - meaning tree, lobata (Latin)- meaning deeply lobed 
  • Valley Oak grows only in California , generally below 2,500 feet elevation.
  • Valley Oaks are the largest of all oak trees in North America. They can rise more than 100 feet above the ground and have trunks 6 or 7 feet in diameter.
  • A valley oak in Gridley, California had a trunk 9 feet in diameter and was more than 600 years old. It was felled in the 1990's.












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