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Charles Monroe Schulz (November 26, 1922 – February 12, 2000) was a 20th-century
American cartoonist best known worldwide for his Peanuts comic strip. Charles M. Schulz was born
in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and grew up in Saint Paul. He was the only child of Carl Schulz, who was
 German, and Dena, who was of Norwegian extraction.[1] His uncle nicknamed him "Sparky" after the
horse Spark Plug in the Barney Google comic strip.
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Promotional artwork from the Official Peanuts website at
Art by Charles Schulz.
PEANUTS © 2005, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
SNB1117 $13.95Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown   
SNB1123 $9.95Big Coloring Book: Snoopy & Friends   
SNB2432Good$13.95Blaze the Trail, Snoopy19811stFawcett
SNB1108Like_New$19.95But We Love You, Charlie Brown1959 Weekly Reader Books
********SOLDSNB0145Good$18.95Charles M. Schulz   
SNB1097 $3.95Charlie Brown Christmas   
SOLD  $9.95Charlie Brown Christmas   
SNB2453Very Good$9.95Charlie Brown Christmas19651stWorld Publishing Company
SOLD Like New$12.95Charlie Brown Christmas1988  
R0401snaFine$9.95Charlie Brown Christmas W/ 33 1/3 Record19771stBuena Visa Distribution Co
Sale Pending
SNB1127 $5.95Charlie Brown Dictionary   
SNB2447Good$3.95Charlie Brown Thanksgiving1974 Random House
SNB1099Very_Good$5.95Charlie Brown Thanksgiving19741stStarline Books
SNB1113Good$6.95Charlie Brown's All-Stars19661stWorld Publishing Company
 Very Good$69.95Charlie Brown's 'Cyclopedia--Complete 12 Volume Set
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19891stFunk & Wagnalls
SNB2444 $2.95Charlie Brown's Magic Maze   
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SNB1126A   $19.95 Charlied Brown's Second Super Book of Questionins and Answers 1979   Random House
SNB1128  $4.95Charlie Brown's Super Book of Questions and Answers   
SNB1126 $4.95Charlie Brown's Super Book of Questions and Answers   
SNB2435Like_New$4.95Go Fly A Kite, Charlie Brown19601st Book Club EditionWeekly Reader Books
SNB0212 $3.95Good Ol' Snoopy   
Sale Pending
SNB1093Good$5.95Good Ol' Snoopy19671stFawcett
 Good$3.95Happiness is a Sad Song19723rdScholastic Press
 Very Good$5.95Happiness is a Sad Song19711stScholastic Press
  $3.95Happy Holloween, Snoopy   
SNB1098 $3.95Hats Off to You, Charlie Brown   
SNB2443fine$5.95Here's Snoopy1988M PrintingGolden Books
SNB2446Good$4.95He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown1978 Buena Vista Distribution


  $4.95I Can't Stand This Diet Much More   


SNB2459 $3.95I Love Snoopy Sticker Album   
SNB2787Fine$29.95Is This Good-bye Charlie Brown?19841stRandom House
SNB1104Fine$7.95It's a Dog's Life, Charlie Brown19528th PrintHolt, Rinehart and Wintston
SNB2424Good$3.95It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown1975 Random House
SOLD Fine$5.95It's Arbor Day Charlie Brown1977 Scholastic Press
SNB2438very good$3.95It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown   
SNB1109 $3.95It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown   
SNB1111Good$5.95It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Read-Aloud Book1978 Buena Vista Distribution Co.
SNB3022Good2.95It's The Thought That Counts1972 Hallmark Cards, Inc.
SOLD  $4.95Joy of a Peanuts Christmas   
SNB1114bBrand_New$5.95Kick the Ball, Marcie!   
SNB1115Very Good$3.95Kick the Ball, Marcie!   
SNB2442fine$5.95Kick the Ball, Marcie!1996 Harper Festival
SNB2140 $4.95Let's Fly a Kite Charlie Brown   
SNB1102Good$5.95Love Is... Walking Hand in Hand  Determined Productions
SNB0461 $4.95Love Is…Walking Hand-In-Hand   
SNB0561 $4.95Love Is…Walking Hand-In-Hand   
SNB0560F $4.95Nobody's Perfect, Charlie Brown   
SNB0560A $4.95Peanuts   
  $5.95Peanuts and the Gang Cook Book   

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SNB560 $39.95Peanuts Books Gift Box #2 /w Orig.Box (PG560)   
SNB1125 $5.95Peanuts Classics   


 Very Good$5.95Peanuts Every Sunday196110th - 1967 PrintingHolt, Rinehart, and Winston
SNB2451Fine$5.95Play It Again, Charlie Brown19711stWorld Publishing Company
SNB2441Very good$1.95Rock-a-Bye Snoopy (wo Tape)1988 Worlds of Wonder
SNB0217Good$3.95Snoopy1958 Weekly Reader Books
 Fair$1.95Snoopy and It Was a Dark & Stormy Night   
 Fair$1.95Snoopy and It Was a Dark and Stormy Night 1st"Holt, Rinehart and Winston"
SOLD Fine$5.95Snoopy and It Was a Dark and Stormy Night   
SOLD Good$2.95Snoopy and the Red Baron   
SOLD Very Good$5.95Snoopy and the Red Baron19661stWeekly Reader Books
Sale Pending
SNB1116Very Good$3.95Snoopy Does It All!1986 Random House
SNB0215 $3.95Snoopy's 1,2,3   
SOLD Fine$3.95Snoopy's ABC's Golden Book1987 Golden Books
SNB0118 $3.95Snoopy's Book of Opposites   
SNB2455Very good$2.95Snoopy's Book of Shapes1987M PrintingGolden Books
SNB0214As New$4.95Snoopy's Book of Shapes   
SOLD Very Good$3.95Snoopy's Brother Comes to Town19841stRandom House
SNB2445Good$3.95Snoopy's Christmas Tree1996 Harper Festival
SNB1095Good$3.95Snoopy's Facts & Fun Book About Planes19791stRandom House
SNB2440Very good$3.95Snoopy's Facts and Fun About Airplanes1971 Random House
SNB0215As New$3.95Snoopy's One, Two, Three   
SOLDSNB2425Very Good$3.95Snoopy's Philosophy  Hallmark
Sale Pending
SNB2428Good$2.95Snoopy's Philosophy  Hallmark
SOLD Fine$9.95Snoopy's Tennis Book19791stHolt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc
SNB2449Fine$6.95Suppertime19681stDetermined Productions
Sale Pending
SNB1107Very Good$6.95Thanks for Nothing, Snoopy19741975 PrintWeekly Reader Books
Sale Pending
SNB0560E $3.95That's Life, Snoopy   
SNB0216Very Good$3.95That's Life, Snoopy1973 Fawcett Publication, Inc
SNB1105Fine$13.95Thompson is in Trouble, Charlie Brown19731stWeekly Reader Books
SNB0560D $3.95We Love You, Snoopy   
SNB1100aGood$3.95We Love You, Snoopy1962 Fawcett Publication, Inc
SOLD Good$2.95We're Busy, Charlie Brown!  Golden Books
SNB1101bVery good$4.95We're Busy, Charlie Brown!  Golden Books
SNB2715Fine$6.95We're Right Behind You, Charlie Brown1964 Weekly Reader Books
SOLD  $5.95Yes, Santa, There is a Charlie Brown   
SOLD  $5.95Yes, Santa, There is a Charlie Brown   
SOLD  $3.95You Are a Winner, Charlie Brown!   
SNB2437Very Good$3.95You Need Help, Charlie Brown19664th-1966 PrintingHolt, Rinehart, and Winston
SOLD Fair$3.95You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown1976 Scholastic Books
SNB1103 $3.95You're Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Snoopy   
SNB1110Good$3.95You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown19791stScholastic Press
SOLD  $3.95You're The Greatest, Charlie Brown   
SNB2433Very good$3.95You've Come a Long Way, Snoopy1972 Fawcett Publication, Inc
SNB2439Very good$7.95You've Had It, Charlie Brown19691st Book Club EditionWeekly Reader Books
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