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ALL Summary of  94 responses Completed- California -11/05/15
 Selected Data
This Survey Project's main purpose is to seek
 the opinions of indivduals' thoughts
communications with Agency and related experts;
knowledge of those when faced with the Agency;
and to primarily be used for the:
  • Follow up information for Families in Your State;
  • Proof for Your State legislators; or
  • Need for changes in the current child welfare system in Your State.
    This is ALL the Data, and Only to be seen by those of the State Team. Public distribution is PROHIBITED, Unless the Responders Agree in writing, such as an email. Also, the number of responders per question may vary since not all faced the same concerns.
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    (Note: At this time we will not be producing documents for
    hardcopy output. But will be producing "Introductory Parent
    Survey Pamphets such as this.)
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1. Have you been, or do you know someone, who was accused by the Child Protective AGENCY of child abuse or neglect?

Yes 93 98.9%
No 1 1.1%






2. Is your case Active or Completed?

Active 52 54.7%
Completed 43 45.3%






3. Optional: You may either enter “Anonymous” or Your First Name

4. Optional: Enter your County(ies) that were active in your case.

contra costa county
Tulare county
San Bernardino
Sonoma county, ca.
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles county
Orange County
orange county, CA
san joaquin county
san diego
Orange County / Riverside County
Riverside County
Monterey County
Riverside County, ca
R iverside
riverside county, california
Le Sueur
Contra Costa, San Mateo
Riverside & Orange
Monterey Santa Clara
Sharp County AR, Mercer & Rock Island County IL.
Orange County, CA
salt lake
Sacramento, California
Humboldt & Shasta
pima county, Az
Shasta County
Los Angeles

5. Email Address.This will not be shared with anyone other than those directly responsible for the survey. A follow up showing the results and/or additional information relating to this survey may be sent.


Do you wish to continue this survey?

Yes 91 98.9%
No 1 1.1%






Your Contact with the Child Protective AGENCY and Others Involved

Entering Your Home

1. When the AGENCY first made contact with you, did you assert your constitutional rights to privacy and ask for a copy of their search warrant or court order?

Yes 16 17%
No 70 74.5%
Don't Remember 8 8.5%






2. Did the AGENCY tell you, if you didn't allow them into your home, that they would get a warrant and remove your children?

Yes 23 24.5%
No 63 67%
Don't Remember 8 8.5%






3. Did the AGENCY scare you, and you allowed them into your home without a warrant?

Yes 56 60.2%
No 30 32.3%
Don't Remember 7 7.5%






4. Did the AGENCY tell you what the allegations were?

Yes 48 51.1%
No 44 46.8%
Don't Remember 2 2.1%






5. Did an AGENCY investigator go to your child(ren's) school and talk to your child(ren) privately, without your knowledge?

Yes 46 48.9%
No 25 26.6%
Don't Remember or N/A 23 24.5%






6. Did you believe that your child(ren) said, what the AGENCY investigator reported?

Yes 10 10.6%
No 58 61.7%
Don't Remember of N/A 26 27.7%







7. Did the AGENCY remove your child(ren) from your home?

Yes 78 83%
No 16 17%







8. Was the removal of your child(ren) done before or after a removal hearing?

Before Hearing 80 86%
After Hearing 6 6.5%
N/A 7 7.5%






9. Was there any truth to the reason for removing your child(ren), did you have any issues at the time?

Yes 19 20.2%
No 69 73.4%
Don't Remember or N/A 6 6.4%






9a. Comments to 9


10. Did the AGENCY investigator suggest anything that you could do to prevent the removal of your child(ren)?

Yes 14 14.9%
No 75 79.8%
Don't Remember or N/A 5 5.3%






10a. Comments for 10


 1. Did you understand your rights well enough to know whether or not you admitted to child abuse/neglect at any hearing?

Yes 16 17.2%
No 77 82.8%






2. Were you a victim of domestic violence?

Yes 30 32.3%
No 63 67.7%






3. Have you been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Yes 28 30.4%
No 64 69.6%






4. Are you a single parent?

Yes 54 58.1%
No 39 41.9%






5. OPTIONAL: Is your gross income:

Less than $40,000 35 38.9%
Less than $20,000 11 12.2%
Less than $10,000 32 35.6%
More than $40,000 12 13.3%






Social Workers Interactions


1. Were your children placed with relatives?

Yes 17 18.1%
No 77 81.9%






1a. If NOT, were you given a written reason why not?

Yes 10 11.4%
No 61 69.3%
N/A 17 19.3%






1b. Please provide concise comments on reason why not placed with Relatives?


1c. If your children were placed with relatives, were your relatives told that they were required to become foster care providers before they would be allowed to do relative care of your child(ren)?

Yes 13 14.3%
No 19 20.9%
N/A 59 64.8%






2. If your child(ren) were placed into foster care, were you notified by the social worker that you have the right to name relatives for placement?

Yes 21 22.6%
No 48 51.6%
N/A 24 25.8%






3. Was your caseworker responsive if you had a concern about a foster caregiver or your children's well- being in care?

Yes 3 3.2%
No 79 84%
N/A 12 12.8%







 1. Did your caseworker return phone calls within 2 days?

Yes 14 15.1%
No 79 84.9%






2. Did you receive a copy of the Parent Handbook?

Yes 19 20.4%
No 74 79.6%






3. Did your social worker allow you time to ask questions?

Yes 23 24.5%
No 71 75.5%






3a. If they gave you time, how were they helpful with their answers?



 1. Did the court order supervised visits with your child(ren)?

Yes 80 86%
No 13 14%






2. Did you receive every supervised visit ordered by the court?

Yes 24 26.1%
No 68 73.9%






3. Were your visits ended because your child(ren) were upset after visits?

Yes 15 16.7%
No 75 83.3%






4. Were you able to gain unsupervised visits after completing successful supervised visits?

Yes 26 28.9%
No 64 71.1%







 1. Did you help your caseworker to design the case plan?

Yes 10 11%
No 81 89%






2. Did your caseworker help you with needed transportation or financial help to attend classes or other service plan items for which you were ordered to do?

Yes 12 13.2%
No 79 86.8%






3. Did your caseworker explain the goals for your case and timelines to complete those?

Yes 26 28.3%
No 66 71.7%






4. Were the services provided by the AGENCY helpful in working toward reunification?

Yes 13 14%
No 80 86%






5. Did any of the court ordered services interfere with your work schedule?

Yes 50 54.3%
No 42 45.7%






6. Were you forced to give up your job to complete court ordered services?

Yes 31 33.3%
No 62 66.7%






7. Were your children returned to you after successfully completing services?

Yes 13 14.6%
No 76 85.4%






7a. If No, why not?



1. Were you provided court reports to review?

Yes 49 52.1%
No 45 47.9%






1a. Did the caseworker interview you for the purpose of writing the report?

Yes 39 42.9%
No 52 57.1%






1b. Did you ever get the caseworker’s reports at least a day or two prior to your hearings?

Yes 21 22.6%
No 72 77.4%






1c. Did the caseworker accurately reflect what you said to her/him?

Yes 4 4.3%
No 89 95.7%







1d. Were the caseworker’s court reports accurate?

Yes 1 1.1%
No 92 98.9%






Your Attorney

1. Was an attorney appointed for you?

Yes 80 87.9%
No 11 12.1%






1a. Did you feel your case was important to your court appointed attorney?

Yes 9 10.8%
No 74 89.2%






1b. Did you meet with an attorney prior to the initial removal hearing?

Yes 19 22.1%
No 67 77.9%






1c. Were you told you had to “submit” to how the attorney chose to represent you?

Yes 54 62.8%
No 32 37.2%






1d. Did you sign anything without first getting the advice of an attorney?

Yes 41 49.4%
No 42 50.6%






2. If you represented yourself or had an attorney

I Researched my Rights 28 30.4%
My attorney or the judge explained my Rights 13 14.1%
Another explained my Rights 2 2.2%
Not aware of my Rights 49 53.3%






2b. Did your attorney or the judge explain reasonable efforts prior to the removal of your child(ren)?

I researched Reasonable Efforts 17 18.5%
My attorney or the judge explained Reasonable Efforts 6 6.5%
Another explained Reasonable Efforts 1 1.1%
Not aware of Reasonable Efforts 68 73.9%






2c. Did your attorney or the judge explain the difference between a contested case and an uncontested case?

I researched Uncontested and Contested 11 12.2%
My lawyer or the judge explained Uncontested and Contested 8 8.9%
Another explained Uncontested and Contested 1 1.1%
Not aware of Uncontested and Contested 70 77.8%






2d. Were you given a choice to have a contested hearing?

Yes 20 21.7%
No 52 56.5%
Don't remember 20 21.7%






2e. Did any one suggest an uncontested case after you told him/her you were innocent of the allegations?

Yes 12 13%
No 64 69.6%
Don't remember 16 17.4%






2f. Did your attorney or you present evidence, witnesses and testimony to show your innocence at the adjudication hearing?

Yes 18 19.8%
No 61 67%
Don't remember 12 13.2%






2g. Did your attorney or you cross examine the social worker?

Yes 14 15.4%
No 73 80.2%
Don't remember 4 4.4%







2h. Did your attorney or anyone ever advise you of your right to write a court report to rebut and correct inaccurate court reports presented by the AGENCY?

Yes 8 8.7%
No 81 88%
Don't remember 3 3.3%






2i. Did your attorney or you appeal any decisions by the court, during your case other than the termination of your parental rights?

Yes 18 20%
No 65 72.2%
Don't remember 7 7.8%






2j. If your rights were terminated, did your attorney or you appeal the termination of your parental rights?

Yes 19 26.4%
No 43 59.7%
Don't remember 10 13.9%






Judge's Interactions

1. Did the Judge refuse to use information from doctors, therapists and psychiatrists other than the ones the AGENCY recommended?

Yes 38 41.3%
No 22 23.9%
Don't remember or N/A 32 34.8%






3. Please give a few comments on why your case was contested or uncontested?


3a. If you “submitted” without a contested hearing, did you realize at the time, that you were admitting the allegations were true?

Yes 4 4.8%
No 79 95.2%






4. Did the judge refuse to consider any evidence you presented to the court?

Yes 53 61.6%
No 33 38.4%






4a. If the judge refused evidence you presented, briefly, what evidence was it?


Psych Evaluations

1. Did your caseworker recommend that you complete a psych evaluation?

Yes 47 51.1%
No 45 48.9%






2. If Yes, What were the reason explained to you?


3. If you did Psych Evaluation, was the case plan adjusted according to the opinion of the evaluator?

Yes 4 6.3%
No 60 93.8%






3a. If Yes, what were the adjustments to Your Case Plan?


Recording and Written Documentation

1. Were you ever told that you could not record or take pictures during supervised visits with your children?

Yes 51 54.8%
No 42 45.2%






2. Were you ever told that you had no right to record conversations with your caseworker?

Yes 56 60.2%
No 37 39.8%






3. Would you agree, that recording all AGENCY interviews with children would be beneficial in eliminating any error on the part of the AGENCY when reporting what the child(ren) said?

Yes 92 98.9%
No 1 1.1%






Termination of Parental Rights

1. Were your parentel rights terminated?

Yes 37 47.4%
No 41 52.6%






2. Was termination of parental rights ever explained to you during your case?

Yes 16 26.7%
No 44 73.3%






3. Did you complete everything the court ordered you to do?

Yes 43 74.1%
No 15 25.9%






4. Did your attorney file a writ petition from the disposition hearing, changing from reunification to permanency, terminating services?

Yes 11 20.4%
No 43 79.6%






5. If you appealed the termination of your parental rights, was the finding overturned?

Yes 4 9.8%
No 37 90.2%






Final Thoughts



I Agree 94 100%






Number of daily responses