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Create Your Publication

Some times a second set of eyes is very helpful in reviewing a publication. Let us simply review your publication to create an electronic copy to send to a publisher for final arrangement of the pages. Our prices are based on the level of development of your document. Once we review your document, we will send you a price based on the document's completness. A break down of work needed will be sent to you for your approval and acceptance.

We have the latest software to format and develop a publication for printing. Examples of the layout will be sent, for your approval, throughout the development of the document. Basic tasks may include:

  • Spell check

  • Minor English edit. Most people have their own style of writing, and too much English editing may hamper your style.

  • Appropriate Font and Font size for the publication.

  • Page Layout and Standards of Publication. For the Technical world, "Standards of Publication" is quite an issue. However, with any publication, the publisher has some basic standards. For example, here are the guidelines we follow for Technical Publications>> "Microsoft Manual of Style"

  • Table of contents, if applicable.

  • Hot link references (Very useful for an ePublication)

  • Suggested Cover Design. If you have created a possible cover, we will possible make other suggestions.

Bottomline, we take the team approach. Most of the time, we will make suggestions, but the final approval is up to you.

If you have a publisher in mind, we will work with them to determine their standards for publication. Otherwise, your Publication Ready electronic document will be arranged in a page to page sequence. Note, most publishers prefer page to page organization and do the final arrangement themselves, especially if pictures are involved.

Additional minor assistance. You've probably heard the phrase, "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"? Let us ADD Your Favorite Phrase to your Favorite Picture AND Who Knows How Much it isConfidence Worth?

Takes very little time, in most cases, and very reasonable priced. Note: Right Click on this picture, and "view image". It is a page sized image. The clarity will depend on the orginal image sent to us.

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Repair or Create an eBook from a Hard Copy

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Examples of Publications

My Latest PDF Publication "Standing in the Shadow of Law" Check Out
Index & Excerpts

I can create a simple indexed publication of your website like this:
Charms Catalogue.pdf  Or a more complex one, that I did, as a Technical Editor, like this:
Soil Survey of Colusa County Manuscript ..

   Inter-Mountain Soil Survey
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