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  • Development of Your Web Site
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    Dynamic Websites.

  • All Microsoft Programs (Word, Excel, Publisher, Access)

  • Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Desk Top Publisher

  • Create a Publication for online or hardcopy publication

A little about me: I started with computers when 8mhz was blazing speed. Actually the functions of using programs hasn't changed, just the glitzy look and feel of the computer graphics, which unfortunately, a person needed a faster computer. It is amazing that many people don't even know what a folder is.. My basic approach to assisting anyone is the "Learn by Doing" method. I've assisted many people with programs and when we were done, they had a better understanding on how to properly use the computer for their needs. So feel free to drop me a line, if you have any questions

All Micro Soft Programs

Have worked with all these programs as a Technical Editor and ever since these programs were first developed.

Adobe Photoshop and Desktop Publisher

Great programs to work with. Created many publications using Adobe's Desktop Publisher.